A Developer’s Guide To Technology Escrow [Free EBook]

Nadine Dias

Don’t let the term “Technology Escrow” scare you off just because it’s something you’ve not heard of before. I’ve decided to let you in on the secret and break it down for you quickly and easily.

As a Developer, you typically look into escrow after your customer brings it up to you in order to protect themselves if your solution fails one way or another, but what if you already had it set up? Don’t wait for them to ask for it- instead show how much you are looking out for them by being proactive instead of reactive and offer them a backup plan. There’s no way they can say no with a $3B company at your side.

With just six steps you’ll be able to implement your own Technology Escrow policy quickly and easily:

1. Establish a Core Team

2. Create a Repeatable Process

3. Verification Request or Self-Verify?

4. Are you Providing Cloud Technology (SaaS)?

5. Don’t Forget About Your IP!

6. Maintaining Your Deposits

Download our full guide now for a walk through of the steps.

Technology Developer's Guide to Escrow

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