Are You Using Our Escrow Management Center To Your Advantage?

Nadine Dias

As an Iron Mountain technology escrow customer, you have access to our online portal in Iron Mountain Connect called the Escrow Management Center.

We hope all of our customers are using the Escrow Management Center to make your lives a little bit easier, but if you are not, here are three pretty cool things you can use it for.

Set up Alerts for Deposits

If you are a software licensee (also called a beneficiary), you want to make sure that your developer is depositing source code into the escrow account on a regular basis as specified by the terms of your escrow agreement. Using the Escrow Management Center, you can set an alert if a deposit has not been made in the specified time period.

If you are a software developer (also called a depositor), you may want to remind yourself to make these deposits. Developers can set up alerts to remind them to make regular deposits to fulfill your contractual obligations.

Remind me my Account is due for Renewal

You can also use the Escrow Management Center to set up a reminder when your escrow account will be due for renewal. This feature will alert you 120 days before the renewal is due. Multiple users at a company can sign up for these reminders.

Deposit Source Code Easily and Electronically

Developers can lighten their load by electronically submitting their deposits via the portal. The form for submission is now part of the deposit process, so it shortens the steps needed. You can also track your electronic source code submission via the Escrow Management Center.

Great! How do I log in?

Log onto the Escrow Management Center at:

If you don’t have a user name and/or password yet, please contact your account rep directly. Or you can call 800-962-0652 or email

More tips & tricks?

What else would you like to know? We’re planning on featuring monthly tips, so if you have a question you’d like answered, please email us at and let us know.

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