Cold Storage Delivers the Ultimate Tape Advantage

Paul Gillin

The best backup architecture delivers benefits on three levels: rapid recovery in the event of system failure, ready access to recent data, and reliable and secure storage for as long as the organization needs it. Cold off-site storage is the third leg of that stool.

One of the key benefits of tape is its ability to be inexpensively stored off-site for long periods of time, a process called “cold storage,” writes Storage Switzerland, a leading storage analyst firm focused on emerging storage categories, big data, virtualization and cloud computing.

In its new ebook, Reintroducing Tape To The Modern Data Center, the firm lays out the requirements IT organizations should look for in choosing a cold storage vendor. In addition to the security and integrity of the storage facility, organizations must consider such factors as how data is transported and accessed.

Most vaulting services provide secure and climate-controlled facilities, but the best ones enhance the customer’s ability to cost-effectively manage data for the long-term.

Storage Switzerland recommends choosing a service that leverages barcodes to track the location of every tape from pickup by a driver to commitment in the vault. The best services also consult with their customers to optimize their use of various backup media as well as to expand their libraries to encompass production data. These companies understand all aspects of the backup and archive process and constantly seek ways to save their customers money.

Reduction in labor, software license and equipment costs from working with a third party vendor can more than pay for themselves, the analysts conclude. IT staff can also be freed up to work on projects with a greater bottom-line impact than managing basic storage and restoration work streams. This Iron Mountain webcast – “Data Storage Cost Containment Strategies” – offers additional ideas and advice about cost saving approaches for managing growing legacy data volumes in today’s IT environment, including cloud and IT modernization strategies.

Learn more about the modern benefits of tape by downloading the ebook here. Storage Switzerland also hosted a related on-demand webcast where experts from Iron Mountain, Fuji Film and Spectra Logic shared their advice on the benefits of tape in the modern data center.



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