RIM Rock Star: Renee Tucker


Meet Renee Tucker. She is one our customers who goes above and beyond to demonstrate the value of records and information management within her organization. Renee is the Senior Records Officer at the Central Bank of The Bahamas and one of our RIM Month Rock Stars. Let’s learn more about Renee:


I oversee the records and information management group at the Central Bank of The Bahamas, an organization with 300 employees and annual reviews of $9 million. I have been with the bank for 25 years.


In my free time, I enjoy traveling, coin collecting, cooking and crafting. My favorite movie is the Sound of Music.

As the senior records officer, I am most proud of completing a departmental document conversion project. This project resulted in significant reclaimed office space, the redesign of two offices and the organization of an internally managed offsite storage facility.

My biggest RIM challenge is managing electronic information. To address this challenge, we are creating awareness among employees and developing better policies, procedures, processes and controls.

Major disruptors are currently affecting the records and information management industry. My advice to fellow RIM pros is to use these disruptors as opportunities to learn new concepts and skills and continue finding creative ways to provide valuable business support. Loving what you do also makes the challenges worthwhile.

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