RIM Rock Star: Steve Colombus


Meet Steve Colombus. He is one our customers who goes above and beyond to demonstrate the value of records and information governance within his organization. Steve is the Enterprise Records Governance Manager for Walgreens and one of our RIM Month Rock Stars. Let’s learn more about Steve:


I manage the records and information governance program for Walgreens, a large organization with 250,000 employees. I have experience and expertise in records integrations, related to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, as well as information governance training and internal audits.


During my free time, I like to travel to Europe and a variety of tropical destinations. I also enjoy watching movies, especially my favorite series, The Godfather saga.

In my role, I am most proud of having a records and information governance program that successfully supports the business and allows team members to be productive. While in this role, I led our team to pass internal audits and achieve a 97% completion rate on our records and information governance training modules.

The biggest RIM challenge I face is effectively collaborating with IT. To overcome this, our team now partners with the IT organization to ensure all of our electronic systems comply with the enterprise records retention schedule for their respective data.

My best advice for RIM professionals is to secure a senior leader as a champion to help support the success of your program and gain visibility and a seat at the table when appropriate.

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