The IoT Global Innovation Forum presents: Risk in the Supply Chain

John Boruvka

The IoT is still at a nascent stage, and that — among other things — means risk in the supply chain. As platforms and standards are still not fully developed, the multitude of providers, components, devices, and technology create risk by the simple virtue that in the next five years, not all of these companies will be in business in the same way they are today. In addition, as more devices are connected and more data is generated, more challenges will become evident not only with the IP but with the monetization of data.

On Tuesday, July 9, I’ll be speaking at the 4th IoT Global Innovation Forum in Chicago on the topic:
OK! My Device is Secure… What about my Supply Chain?

People and businesses are increasingly relying on IoT devices full of software. Therefore, it’s essential to think about and build upon proven, best-practice software protection strategies to extend that protection to the supply chain. As IoT enables monitoring and optimization at the device level, it will be important for the software in the individual devices to be able to talk to each other for higher-level digital transformation.

Here are some of the points I plan to discuss:

  • An Overview of a Typical IoT Ecosystem
  • Where is the Supply Chain Risk? — Today and Tomorrow
  • How Mergers & Acquisitions, Bankruptcy, and Divestiture in the IoT Ecosystem Drive that Risk
  • IoT Intellectual Property Risk Mitigation

Protecting proprietary data and intellectual property is viewed as one of the greatest challenges enterprises must meet in terms of smart, connected products designed for both consumers and the Industrial IoT. However, once your devices are secure, you must start evaluating your entire supply chain. Organizations must start taking steps to protect their IoT supply chain and their customers.

As the producers of the IoT Global Innovation Forum state, now is the time for companies to evaluate their IoT strategies, draw upon lessons learned to date from other market sectors, and position themselves for success going forward. If you’re headed to Chicago for the Forum, please plan to join my session at 3:15 pm on Tuesday, July 9. Iron Mountain is a silver sponsor of the event and will be exhibiting in booth #8. Please come by and say hello — let’s talk about your IoT supply chain.

If you won’t be at the Forum but are interested in this topic, please email me at and I’ll share my materials.

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