What Will the Green Data Center of the Future Look Like?

Paul Gillin

With data centers consuming more than 1% of the world’s energy, companies that run hyperscale and co-location facilities are hard at work finding more sustainable sources of power and cooling. Iron Mountain’s Amsterdam data center has achieved numerous milestones. It runs entirely on renewable energy sources and boasts a power usage effectiveness ratio of 1.1, meaning that it wastes almost no energy. The techniques that have been pioneered in Amsterdam are being rolled out across Iron Mountain’s global data center portfolio as part of the company’s commitment to derive 100% of its worldwide electricity consumption from renewable sources. In this episode of Modern Governance, we hear about the innovations being used in Amsterdam and how they can be applied to data centers everywhere.

Guests: Eric Lisica, Operations Director Western Europe, Iron Mountain Data Centers James Henry, Senior Governance, Risk & Compliance Analyst, Iron Mountain



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