Why Automation is an Information Governance Game-Changer

Paul Gillin

Information governance is growing in complexity as the volume and variety of information that organizations must manage expands at unprecedented rates. Automation is needed, but the task is so large that many organizations don’t know where to start. Our experts are here to help. Getting a handle on information begins with understanding what you need to keep and what should be discarded. Data hoarding exposes organizations to risk and adds to complexity. Automating information governance isn’t an-all-or nothing proposition. Take an incremental, deliberate approach, focusing on the areas with the highest ROI. Digitize as much as you can and apply governance policies from the moment data enters the organization. The payoff is along many dimensions: improved business agility, more responsive customer service, reduced risk of data breach and better regulatory compliance.

Rob Gerbrandt, Managing Director of Information Governance Consulting, Iron Mountain
Steve Lester, Corporate Counsel for Global Privacy and Compliance, Iron Mountain
Moderated by Paul Gillin



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